Personal injury

You have personal injury if you have some kind of injuries or other difficulties due to someone else and you have suffered from material of immaterial damage as a result. If someone else is responsible for the injury, the victim (you) is entitled to compensation. A personal injury compensation is an amount of money to compensate the victim for the physical and mental damage they got due to the accident.

Sorts of personal injuries

Personal injury can be distinguished between material and immaterial damages. Material damage is damage to which a clear amount can be attached, this is damage that can be expressed in money. Immaterial damage is damage with a less clear value. In case of immaterial damage we can look at psychological and emotional damage. For example: grief and pain. We explain the difference further using an example.

Someone who is self-employed in the construction industry falls off a scaffold due to an error made by another person. He breaks his leg in several places and continues to have pain in his leg after the accident. The accident prevents him from working for several months.

Material damages

The material damage in this case can be:

  • The loss of income
  • The cost of physical therapy
  • Domestic help he hired because he cannot do the housework himself

Immaterial (intangible) damages

The immaterial or intangible damage in this case can be:

  • The fear of falling off a ladder again
  • Embarrassment for the scar on his leg
  • The pain on his leg

How do you claim personal injury?

When you report your personal injury case to Flyct, we will talk you through several steps to claim your compensation.

  • Flyct holds the causer responsible
  • Document all incurred costs and lost income
  • Flyct will file the compensation claim with the other party’s insurer

The steps above are important in any personal injury case. Even if you can settle it with the insurer of the causer, it is always wise to use an independent personal injury agency like Flyct. Because of the experience of a personal injury lawyer or personal injury expert, a victim often receives higher compensation because no damage items are overlooked.

Get our help without any obligations

If you are the victim of an accident and suffer personal injury as a result, you are entitled to compensation. The liable party must pay this compensation. Flyct will make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Our services cost you nothing, because all costs will be recovered from the responsible party as part of the personal injury claim.

About Flyct

With approximately 90 employees, Flyct is the leading Personal Injury specialist with growth ambitions in the Netherlands. Flyct is a positive experience after an accident. We are committed to fair and optimal compensation for personal injury victims. We work proactively and ambitiously and like to get things done, always with a personal approach. But at Flyct we do more than just personal injury claims! We also recover uninsured car damage, damage abroad and employer claims. We are a specialized partner of various legal expenses insurers. Want to read more about Flyct? Click here.

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  • What’s personal injury protection?

    Personal injury protection (PIP) covers medical expenses and lost wages for you and your passenger if you are injured in a accident. PIP is also known as no-fault insurance.

  • Do you need a lawyer for personal injury cases?

    A personal injury case usually does not necessarily require a lawyer. Often a lawyer can help you just as well. If you have been in an accident and the other person is the causer, he or she must pay the compensation. A lawyer is only needed if court proceedings are required. Read more about lawyer or attorney here.

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