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Examples of damages

We would like to give you some example cases so that you have an idea of ​​the compensation you could possibly receive.

Example traffic accident
A 28-year-old man suffered whiplash as a result of a traffic accident. Due to the complaints of whiplash, he was unable to take over his father’s company. His compensation takes into account the grief he experiences from this. In addition, the court takes into account that this man is still young and that he has suffered permanent injuries from the accident. He will receive compensation of approximately €11,500.

Example of an accident at work
A 45-year-old man received a motorcycle chainsaw on his foot while at work. His foot was broken and had injuries to his tendon. Investigation revealed that the chain of the saw was not properly lubricated and that the saw was dull. Therefore, this man’s employer is liable. The man was unable to work for 4 months and recuperated for 8 weeks. His compensation was approximately €2000.

Example of accident with an animal
A man was bitten on the arm by a dog on a leash. His arm was stitched up in the hospital. The man received an amount of approximately €500 for the psychological and physical damage.